presents “The State of Digital Audio in the US Hispanic Market 2019”


  • 62% of respondents listen to digital audio, be it Internet radio, streaming sites or other online media
  • 71% of Hispanic listeners in the United States spent between 1-12 hours on Internet radio per week.

Miami, January 2019 –  Audio.Ad, a Cisneros Interactive company specializing in digital audio advertising solutions for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market, together with Quriously, carried out the study, “The State of Digital Audio in the US Hispanic market,” to analyze the digital audio consumption habits of Spanish speakers living in the United States.

The study was conducted through an online survey and included 478 cases. Among the main conclusions are:

  • DIGITAL AUDIO CONSUMPTION: 62% of respondents listen to digital audio, be it Internet radio, streaming sites or other online media.
  • LISTENING TIME: 85% of Hispanic listeners spent between 1-12 hours on Internet radio per week.
  • WHEN DO HISPANICS LISTEN TO DIGITAL AUDIO?: 32% of the public do so during the afternoon or at night, and 49% listen to online radio on the way to work or in the office.
  • CONTENT GOES VIRAL – 52% of responders who listen to Internet radio share content and participate in social media while they listen.
  • PREFERRED DEVICE FOR LISTENING TO INTERNET RADIO: 8% listen through desktop computers, 80.3% do it through smartphones and 10.2% listen through tablets.
  • DIGITAL RADIO CONSUMPTION ACCORDING TO AGE: Although the highest percentage of audio consumption is reflected in the population over 55 years old, the youngest age range (13 to 34 years old) has a significant number of listeners with 34.2% of the total number of users surveyed.
  • PREFERRED DIGITAL AUDIO CONTENT: 3% of responders listen to music, 18.6% listen to news and 16.8% choose sports.
  • ASSESSMENT OF THE RADIO: 6 out of 10 respondents (60%) consider that listening to digital audio is an important or very important part of their day to day.
  • ONLINE STREAMING SITE: Between the sites of this category more listened by the Hispanics living in the United States, are YouTube with a 47.8%, Pandora 33.9%, Spotify with a 26.1%, Google Play Music with a 16.7% and iTunes 10.6%.
  • ADVERTISING AND RADIO: 62% of respondents say they have purchased in the last year 2 to 10 products promoted through digital audio advertising. On the other hand, 71% believe that the amount of digital audio advertising is scarce to moderate.
  • 5 TOP PRODUCTS/SERVICES THAT ARE MOST INTERESTING FOR DIGITAL RADIO CONSUMERS : First with 27.6%, is  Technology  (TV, Tablets, laptops, PC, etc.), followed by Appliances with 22%, Cars with 18.7%, Supermarkets with 16.3%, and in fifth place Tickets for events (concerts, cinemas, theaters) with 13%.

“This study is a contribution to the advertising industry, mainly because it shows the audio consumption habits of users today. The Hispanic market in the United States is fundamental for the growth of online advertising and the results of this study are key for any advertiser who wants to develop advertising strategies aimed at reaching their audience in a more direct and precise way, “said Carlos Córdoba, Co-founder of

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Qriously is a research platform based in the United Kingdom that accesses one billion users worldwide through online surveys.  Qriously helps brands understand the effectiveness of the programmatic purchase of digital audio advertising. Organizations such as Spotify, Airbnb and the NYPD use their platform to provide information in real time.

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