• Founded by German Herebia and Carlos Cordoba, and Gonzalo Alonso as Managing Director, Audio.Ad launches its digital audio advertising platform in Latin America and the US Hispanic market, with a reach of more than 35 million users in the region.
  • Audio.Ad provides marketers, advertisers and brands an advertising coverage in digital audio platforms, that include the major terrestrial radios that broadcast online and audio streaming services received through diverse Internet-connected devices

Buenos Aires, (December 5, 2014) – Audio.Ad, the first digital audio advertising network in Latin America and the US Hispanic market, announced the launch of its platform that allows advertisers to distribute audio advertising spots in terrestrial radio programs transmitted online and audio streaming services.

The network founded by German Herebia and Carlos Cordoba, entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in the Latin American Internet market, and whose Managing Director is Gonzalo Alonso, has a reach of more than 35 million unique users in the region and is composed by major traditional radios listened online and audio streaming services.

Audio.Ad allows advertisers to reach with digital audio spots the audience that currently listens to radio and music online using different devices connected to the Internet. “Our network connects brands with their audiences that today consumes online radio and music, and that is not being impacted by traditional radios”, said Gonzalo Alonso, Managing Director of the company.

Audio.Ad platform installs a new advertising model in the digital industry, called CPL (Cost per Listen). “The CPL guarantees to the advertisers that their advertising investment includes only audio ads that are listened in it´s entirety by the audience. Throughout our network, the advertiser gets greater coverage using innovative digital formats and can also target audiences for their campaigns”, mentioned Germán Herebia, Co-Founder of Audio.Ad.

Furthermore, the company provides to online radios and producers of digital audio content, the maximization of their advertising revenue, by developing a channel that today is not monetized, and also provides them the tools to have a broader knowledge of their audiences through AudioMetrix, a technological solution for measuring and understanding the preferences of its digital radio listeners better than ever before.

“Audio.Ad enables publishers and broadcasters to serve digital audio advertising and connect them with the right audience through audience targeting tools. In addition, the platform offers publishers a better understanding of the preferences of their audience, and to analyze what and how consume digital content their listeners, and how they respond to advertising”, argued Carlos Córdoba, Co-Founder of Audio.Ad.

“30% of the audience of our network in Latin America is mobile. Today radio and music are also heard on multiple devices, and this represents a great opportunity for brands to impact with their campaigns to a captive audience, that hardly skip advertising when listening to their favorite program or music they like “, said Carlos Córdoba, Co-Founder of Audio.Ad.

Among the advertising formats provided by the Company are: Audio Pre-Roll (at the beginning of the session), Audio Spots during programming, and accompaniment of traditional banners synchronized with the audio spot.

Audio.Ad has a technology partnership with Adswizz, an European leader in metrics and advertising for digital audio content. Alexis Vandewyer, CEO of AdsWizz INC., commented, “Latin America is one of the most growing Market. We’re excited to have as a partner in LATAM.”


Audio.Ad is the first digital audio advertising network in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the US, which allows advertisers to impact with audio spots and other digital formats audiences that consumes online radio and streaming audio services.

Founded by German Herebia and Carlos Cordoba in December 2014, Audio.Ad has reach of over 35 million unique users in the region.

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